Friday, January 16, 2009

Preventing Frozen Water Lines

Preventing Broken Water Pipes
The H Team

Arriving home to a flooded basement because of broken water pipes is a preventable situation. By following a few simple precautions your home doesn’t have to be damaged;

Disconnect exterior hoses
Once you’ve disconnected the hose from the faucet allow it to drain. Turn off the hose bib in the interior and open the valve to drain. If you do not have an interior shut off install heat tape over the first 10 inches of the interior pipe.

Install Insulated Pipe Sleeves
These rubber like covers just slip over pipes in an unheated area and available at most Hardware or Home Improvement Centers. A piece of duct tape over the ends will insure the cover stays in place.

Close up crawl spaces
And seal all access doors, vents and cracks. Cold air seeping in can freeze pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

Open Cabinet Doors
Under sinks to allow heat to keep pipes warm.

Know location of shutoff valve
To turn off all the water in your home, in case of breakage and flooding. Shutting the water off can prevent additional damage.

Always leave heat on
Your thermostat should be set no lower than 55 degrees if you are traveling or will be gone for an extended period of time.

Winterize your home
This consist of all pipes being drained and blown dry by a licensed plumber. Normally this is done if your home will be vacant for an extended time.

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