Sunday, February 25, 2018

Beware of Home Builders Bearing Gifts

Why You Need A Buyer Agent When Purchasing A New Construction Home
Visiting a display home looking to buy a newly construction home is something that many people have done. Many people however do not know the importance of having a buyer agent with them when visiting the display homes. They therefore tend to use the agents on duty at the display home for advice and information about the houses. This may be disadvantage to you because the agent on duty represents the interests of the seller (Builder). You need to find a buyer agent who will represent your interests and give you correct advice when you are selecting the house to buy.
Why you need buyer representation when entering a display home
Once you enter a display home the Builders agent will request you complete a registration form. Completing that simple form insures the builder will not pay your representative a fair commission and could have a huge impact on your options, lot selection and even slow to complete your requested changes or complaints. Informing the Builders agent that you have a buyer’s agent will insure you receive proper representation. Scrupulous builders may even offer additional options or savings if you do not use a buyer’s agent. This is prohibited by law and you will soon discover little to no savings because they increase costs on other options.
Why do they have a display home?
A display home is a house that is used by a builder to demonstrate to the buyers of the appearance of the prospective house. They are buildings that were constructed for that single purpose. Most of the display homes are fully furnished to give the buyers a mental picture of the appearance of the houses once they are completed. When visiting a model home, it is important to have a buyer agent. There are several advantages of having a buyer agent as compared to using the agents at the display home. Some of the advantages are as listed below:
A buyer agent allows you to save money. They negotiate with the agents/builders at the display home to agree on a price that is proportional to the value of the house.
A buyer agent also provides all the information you need to know about the house without any refrains. This is because their main duty is to represent your interests when buying the house. This helps you to make a decision on whether or not to buy the house with all the information provided.
The buyer agent is also responsible for evaluating the display homes. This is so that they can determine which has the best bargain for you before you actually visit the display homes together.
Having a buyer agent is not a legal requirement and you may opt to use the agent on duty at the display home. This may be very disadvantageous to you because, the display agent represents the interest of the seller (Builder). They will therefore suggest a higher price that may be way above the real value of the house. The agent’s main purpose is to market the house and they may therefore misconstrue some important information about the house.
It is important to have a buyer agent when visiting the display home instead of using the agent to duty at the display home. This is because they represent the interests of the builder. A buyer agent will be able to let you into the secrets to buying a home from a builder. There are firms like RE/MAX Best Choice that have been offering buyer representation to the residents of Jefferson County for over a decade. Frank and Laurie have been full time Realtors since 1997 specializing in Jefferson County homes. Firms like RE/MAX Best Choice offer buyer representation services for free and offer advice to their clients on the houses they want to buy.
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