Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to have your family prepared in an emergency

Would you be prepared if you and your family had to evacuate your home during an emergency?
The American Red Cross reports that only 10 percent of the families in the US have an emergency plan, a disaster kit, and first aid training including CPR.
The first step to be prepared is to assemble a grab-and-go bag that contains crucial supplies that you'll need in the event of an evacuation. The Red Cross has pre-packed kits for $65 at or you can assemble your own. Label each bag and keep them accessible.
Your Grab-and-Go bag should contain
Personal travel size toiletries
Light-weight flashlight with extra batteries
Extra pair of eye glasses
Whistle on lanyard
3 days of prescriptions
Bottled water 2-3 gallons
High protein-High energy food bars
Change of clothes
Photograph of each child and adult
First Aid Kit
Battery powered radio
Extra set of home and car keys
Safe deposit box key
Credit Card
Copies of birth certificates, deeds, insurance policies, passports and SS cards

By being prepared in an emergency you will be able to supply yourself during an evacuation or loss of home.