Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your Home Inspection

You have made your offer and it's been accepted. Now it's time for your Home Inspection. Hiring a qualified Inspector is as easy as going to http://www.ashi.org/ and locating an Inspector.
Once your Inspector arrives he should inspect the roof by actually getting on the roof and walking around looking at the roof material, flashing, gutters, the exterior of the chimney and the cap.
He then will walk around the house looking at the exterior material, be it brick or siding. Also checking the exterior of the foundation. In completing his exterior Inspection he should observe the power cable going into the house any decking supports, gates and fencing
As your Inspector conducts the Home Inspection he will be making notes of his findings. He may from time to time suggest having an item looked at by a qualified technician. Don't quiz him everytime he makes a note wait til the end when he will give you a written report.
Once he enters the home he should check the attic for insulation depth, make sure all ceiling lights/fans operate properly. He'll check each electrical socket for polarity and check for GFI's near water sources.
He'll check all bathrooms and kitchen for functionality and to make sure there are no leaks. He should also make notes of the general condition of the interior.
During the inspection he will review the interior foundation for potential leaks, cracks or damages. Finally he will inspect the furnace, water heater electrical panel and dehumidifier.
A normal inspection should only take a couple of hours. In attendance should be yourself and your Real Estate Agent. Once you have your inspection it's time to ask the inspector questions on anything of concern. Remember he is not a specialist only an inspector and as such should never offer repair services/bids.
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