Thursday, February 01, 2007

After Uses of the Gallon Milk Jug

Today, gallon jugs are made of high-density polyethylene, a light weight and flexible plastic. When recycled, these jugs are put to good reuse as a major ingredient in plastic lumber. But before you put those jugs in the recycling bin, give them a extra job. Mark Feirer of This Old House Magazine suggests these uses of the gallon and quart size milk jug;
Start a seedling. Cut the bottom off a gallon jug and upend it to serve as a cloche. Remove the cap as needed to control temperature in this mini-green house.
Chill Out. Fill a quart jug three quarters full with water and freeze them to use as a container. The contained Ice keeps for cold and when it thaws theres cold water to drink.
Cover a pile of firewood. Rope pairs of water filled gallon jugs together and use them as anchors to hold a tarp over a small pile of firewood to keep it dry.
Nail Holders. Cut the top off and use the bottom to hold nails or screws of different sizes.