Monday, June 16, 2014

St. Louis Mortgage Details Can Make A Good Deal Better

 Your Saint Louis, MO Mortgage Details Can Make a Good Deal Better

Buying a St Louis, MO home can’t help but be about as thrilling a
purchase as you can make, whether you’re a first time buyer or an
experienced homeowner. ‘Buying’ a Saint Louis, MO mortgage, on the other
hand…well, the experience may be slightly less exciting, but if your
team has managed to secure a good one, it’s actually a comparable
accomplishment................
St. Louis Mortgage Details Can Make A Good Deal Better

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sold Short Sale? Need A New Home? Seller Financing

Great Option For Homeowners Who Were Forced To Sell Their Previous Home In A Short Sale Read about it here.

Sold Short Sale? Need A New Home? Seller Financing

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Study: Road to Housing Recovery will be ‘Longer and Bumpier’

 The Wells Fargo Economics Group
released its Housing Chartbook for May 2014. The group found that most
markets are finding themselves "wildly out of balance" from inflated
home prices driven by investor purchases, as well as exceptionally tight
inventories that are well ahead of any improvement in demand.

group said that the "lack of a rebound in home sales this spring has
reinforced our view that there was more than harsh winter weather behind
the recent slide in home sales and mortgage applications." The group
notes that the road to housing recovery will be longer—and much
bumpier—than expected....Read More At.

Study: Road to Housing Recovery will be ‘Longer and Bumpier’

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Inexpensive Upgrades To Raise The Value Of Your Home

Inexpensive Upgrades Boost Imperial, MO Home Values Painlessly

Especially when it comes to major decisions like buying or selling your home, human nature seems to tilt toward delaying action until it’s the end result is absolutely certain. After all, nobody wants to make a life-changing move that turns out to be anything short of fantastic! So even when you’ve outgrown your current home…or found yourself in a daily long-distance commute because work has moved…or any number of other reasons why you know you should be looking for a new house…it can be difficult to commit to such a looming decision. Adding to that is one of the most common assumptions many Imperial, MO homeowners believe: that they have to spend a boatload of money to increase their home value. The truth is: it ain’t so! You can strategically update your Imperial, Missouri house before you put it on the market without cratering your bank account.
Items that only seem to require costly fixes:
• Make it Spacious
Adding space to a room increases any Imperial, MO home value. Tearing out walls isn’t necessary when there are so many other ways to achieve the same thing. Simple options include removing built-in shelves, enlarging windows, or (the simplest) just removing “stuff” that’s hogging perceived space.
• Go Green

More and more, you can improve your Imperial, MO home value by installing modest “green” upgrades. Today’s buyers may not necessarily be eco-focused—they may simply have a good sense of the increasing cost of water and power. “Going green” as a way to add home value to your area property can be no more costly than switching to low-flow toilets, adding a wifi thermostat with “smart” technology, or putting in a low cost drip watering system.
• Window Update
Have a room that comes across as outdated…or just plain ‘blah’? Consider how much extra home value a new window treatment might add. It could be as simple as installing a stylish valence over a window or two.
• Change the Doors
Remember your first apartment with its flimsy, hollow doors? A quality door can make a disproportionate difference to a property’s perceived home value. Changing out your front or back doors for more a more weighty or modern selection can be well worth the expense
• Paint
Paint is the number one way to alter the look of a room inexpensively. Instead of painting the entire room one color, another option is to make a “statement wall” in its own neutral color that compliments a painting’s or picture frame’s palate.
These are just a few suggestions that can increase the value of your home in Imperial, MO without a straining the family finances. Even in an older home, many times it’s the little touches that can make the greatest difference. Looking for specific suggestions to improve the value of your Imperial, Missouri home before listing it for sale? VISIT US HERE today for an in-home market evaluation!
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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

When the Arnold, MO Market Won’t Meet Your Price…Make Lemonade!

When the Arnold, MO Market Won’t Meet Your Price…Make Lemonade!
The sunny attitude that encourages entrepreneurs to look at a box of lemons and think ‘lemonade!’ is widely admired, and it does seem to be a viewpoint that successful people cultivate. For anyone who is determined to sell their Arnold, MO property—but only at a price the market is not yet willing to pay—well, the turn-lemons-into-lemonade situation is entirely apt. After all, smart investors are buying up and renting properties like yours quite deliberately because they realize that an Arnold, Missouri rental home is not just an asset that can appreciate over time, but one that can also produce income at the same time.
Whatever your own reason for renting, when you put a rental home in Arnold, Missouri on the market, experienced landlords tend to prepare in the same general areas:
1. Repairs and Safety
Often using a rental safety checklist, a good first focus is on heating, plumbing, and other safety issues. Especially if you have been a longtime resident of the property, remember that some operational issues that you may have grown accustomed to ignoring need to be brought up to snuff. Repairs made now will save you time and money in the long run, and will safeguard against increased damage (and worse issues down the line). Be sure fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in place, and double-check that all windows, doors, and locks are in good working order.
2. Make it Pretty!
Of course, clean the house thoroughly, including closets, fixtures, and appliances. Replace dirty carpets, polish wood floors, and remove debris and trash from the entire property (if a one-time rubbish bin rental is called for, bite the bullet!). Where needed, give each room a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors; and outside, tidy up the grass and landscaping.
3. Documentation
Plan to inspect and document your Arnold, MO rental home before tenants move in; then once again immediately after they move out. It’s imperative; will serve as documentation of damage caused by the tenant if that warrants withholding the security deposit for repairs. Photos, a checklist—even a quick iPhone video—can do the job.
4. Landlord Insurance
AKA rental property insurance, landlord insurance is not the same as renters insurance, which covers the tenant’s property. A good landlord insurance policy protects you; it should cover everything from major damage inflicted by tenants to legal action they might bring.
5. Know Your Leasing Criteria
Before you prepare a rental application, it’s a good idea to pin down the leasing criteria to help determine who will be qualified to become your tenant. Some common ones: No prior evictions…Good credit…No foreclosures or bankruptcies… No criminal convictions…No pets…No smoking…References… But whatever your choices, do remember to follow the Fair Housing Act guidelines.
6. Assemble the Docs
There are basic lease agreements and other documents available online, or you can have an experienced lawyer prepare (or just review) them. Other rental home forms you might need include credit check authorization forms, move-in checklists, and any other notices you wish to post to tenants. They’re all available online.
Sound like too much work? If so, a property management company can handle some or all of it for you—I’ll be happy to provide you with good references. And if you’ve set your sights on purchasing an Arnold, MO rental home as an investment, summer is near: that means now is a great time to start! Just CONTACT US HERE and we will be happy to assist you in finding that investment property
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