Friday, January 23, 2009

Keeping Your Home Safe Using Electric Space Heaters

Keeping Your Home Safe Using Electric Space Heaters

The H Team
• Adapted from an article written by The Fire Protection Agency

As temperatures continue to remain below average Home owners are substituting electric space heaters instead of increasing the thermostat level.

But using a space heater isn’t as safe as it is simple. According to The Florida Fire Protection Agency, electric space heaters were responsible for:

• 32% of home heating-related fires
• 57% of home heating-related property damage
• 73% of home heating-related civilian deaths

Space Heaters cause a disproportionate amount of damage versus central heating systems and fireplaces. Therefore it is very important to practice safety and care when using electric space heaters.

Some basic safety tips include:

• Do not place anything that can catch fire or burn within 3 feet of the appliance
• Make sure your appliance is approved by Underwriters Labotories, it should have a sticker on the appliance or cord.
• Never use an extension cord.
• Turn appliance off when leaving the room or going to bed.
• Follow the manufacturers safety instructions

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