Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get A Team To Sell Your Real Estate

Selling an Arnold, MO Home Means Recruiting a Skilled Team

It’s a bit complicated, selling a home in Arnold, Mo. Although you can make a case for the feasibility of doing the whole thing yourself, there are enough areas of knowledge where experience, expertise, and even licensure are recommended that few would ever try it.
At the end of the day, selling your Arnold Missouri home is a true team undertaking. And since you’re the one selling a home, you’re the Captain. In addition to interviewing and selecting the Arnold, Mo real estate agent you will be working with, there are other professionals you should plan to engage as well. Here’s who and why:
The Inspector
It’s quite a good idea to have a professional inspection performed at your property before selling a home. In addition to any major issues that could affect your smartest listing price, you want to be made aware of any minor issues before buyers come across them. Sometimes small details that are easy to fix can upset timing and even derail a deal entirely.
The Appraiser
As a seller, you shouldn’t try to value your property blindly. To do so runs the risk of over- or undervaluing it—and a smart listing price is a key element in the successful selling of a home. Your agent will give you key guidance on pricing. However, having a professional appraisal performed in advance can help support your price to potential buyers (especially if you are asking a high number that could be difficult to otherwise support). While the buyer’s bank will require their own appraisal, the money spent here in advance can help speed up the offer and/or negotiations.
Financial Advisor
The most difficult part of selling a home is finding and attracting a serious buyer. Fortunately, this is a burden your Arnold, Missouri real estate agent will shoulder for you. But before everyone has signed on the dotted line, it’s important to understand what the financial and tax implications will be once you’ve sold. If you have gains, you want to know how much—if any—tax burden it will trigger. If there is a loss, you’ll want to know how to turn that to your advantage. Either way, knowing the tax implications before you list may well affect the price you list at or will accept.
Thinking of buying or selling a home in Arnold, MO. soon? Why not come by or give us a call? We’ll be here at the office, working hard for our clients all summer.

Monday, June 16, 2014

St. Louis Mortgage Details Can Make A Good Deal Better

 Your Saint Louis, MO Mortgage Details Can Make a Good Deal Better

Buying a St Louis, MO home can’t help but be about as thrilling a
purchase as you can make, whether you’re a first time buyer or an
experienced homeowner. ‘Buying’ a Saint Louis, MO mortgage, on the other
hand…well, the experience may be slightly less exciting, but if your
team has managed to secure a good one, it’s actually a comparable
accomplishment................
St. Louis Mortgage Details Can Make A Good Deal Better

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sold Short Sale? Need A New Home? Seller Financing

Great Option For Homeowners Who Were Forced To Sell Their Previous Home In A Short Sale Read about it here.

Sold Short Sale? Need A New Home? Seller Financing

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Study: Road to Housing Recovery will be ‘Longer and Bumpier’

 The Wells Fargo Economics Group
released its Housing Chartbook for May 2014. The group found that most
markets are finding themselves "wildly out of balance" from inflated
home prices driven by investor purchases, as well as exceptionally tight
inventories that are well ahead of any improvement in demand.

group said that the "lack of a rebound in home sales this spring has
reinforced our view that there was more than harsh winter weather behind
the recent slide in home sales and mortgage applications." The group
notes that the road to housing recovery will be longer—and much
bumpier—than expected....Read More At.

Study: Road to Housing Recovery will be ‘Longer and Bumpier’