Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Now Is The Time To Buy

Why Now Is The Time To Buy A Home

YES, now is the time to buy a house for a number of reasons. Regardless if you’re a first time home owner, an investor or a move up buyer. If you don’t get on the boat soon, once it leaves port, you won’t be able to get on board. It will move that fast. Just why do I and a lot of other professionals think 2009 will be the start of the rebound?

1. Low Prices Home prices are at a record low. The median price in St. Louis, MO., is now at $179,900 down from $200,000. With a decent credit score payments are going to be affordable once again.
2. Low Interest Rates FHA rates as of today are 5.125% on a 30 year fixed and as low as 4.750% on a 15 year fixed with only 3.5% down-payment required. My friends in the mortgage business tell me applications are up.
3. New White House The new White House is beginning to talk stimulus once again. Car manufacturers are reducing required credit rating requirements to get people back into the showrooms. Once the population starts spending money again Americans will get use to spending money again.

Once people start spending money again our economy will begin moving very fast. Interest rates will go up; sellers will want more money for their homes and will receive multiple offers on their homes.

Getting on board today by getting pre-approved, signing a buyer’s agency with a full time Realtor and beginning to look you can be sailing away in your new home at a great price with a low interest rate before the rush.

For a list of available homes that meet your criteria contact The H Team today. For free pre-qualification or to determine your buying power contact Christy

Frank J. Helderle

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