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First Time Homebuyer Tax Credits

Federal First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit
*Preprinted from an article by Sam Licklider

You may have already heard about this program from your Representative or Senator but, if you haven’t, MHDC (Missouri Housing Development Commission) has announced a new program to work in conjunction with the Federal First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit program. Included is the explanation from the MHDC web site immediately below this paragraph as well as the URL for the MHDC.

Quote from MHDC web site
With over 30 years experience funding mortgages for first-time homebuyers, MHDC knows that the biggest barrier faced by first-time homebuyers is acquiring money for down payment and closing costs. As a result, MHDC created a program that allows homebuyers to receive the value of the tax credit at the time of closing.
How the Federal First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Works:

First-time homebuyers receive a tax credit worth 10% of their home purchase, up to $7,500. The credit is claimed on the homebuyer’s federal tax returns. The credit is refundable, which means that the homebuyer receives a refund for the amount of the credit minus any federal tax liability. The credit is essentially an interest-free loan from the federal government and must be repaid through an increase in federal income taxes over a period of 15 years.

How the MHDC Tax Credit Advance Loan Program Works:

MHDC makes a second mortgage to the homebuyer at the time of closing worth up to 6% of the home purchase price or a maximum of $6,750, which is used to cover down payment and closing costs. The tax credit advance loan is paired with MHDC financing for the first mortgage in the form of a safe 30 year, fixed rate mortgage. The homebuyer then files for the federal tax credit and uses the credit refund to pay off the MHDC tax credit advance loan. If the tax credit advance loan is paid off by the designated deadline (no later than June, 2010), the homeowner pays no interest other than a modest servicing fee. If the tax credit advance loan is not paid in full by the deadline, principal and interest payments to repay the loan over 10 years begin automatically.

MHDC loan programs are available for households with incomes up to $85,500.

The federal tax credit and the MHDC tax credit advance loan program are both currently set to expire June 30, 2009.
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