Sunday, April 05, 2009

Interior Painting Tips

Interior Painting Tips

Get The Surface Ready
You want the paint to glide on smoothly, so be sure the surface is clean, free of hand prints, dirt or scuff marks. Lightly sand any glossy spots to avoid streaking.

Select The Sheen and Color
Lighting has a big effect on the way your color appears. Try a small trail sample available at most Home Improvement Stores. Higher sheen paints are more durable than flats, so use them in high traffic areas. Satin or low-lustre finishes offer more warmth. Consider a high sheen paint on the ceiling, which offers good reflection.
Don't Buy Cheap Paint Although you may want to save a buck or two it isn't worth it on paint. Purchase top quality acrylic-latex interior paint which goes on smoothly and is easy to clean up. Painting the interior of your home is a big job so you want the quality to show.
Choose The Right Tools
If you're using a roller to paint, select the right length of roller nap for proper paint coverage. The smoother your painting surface, the shorter your nap should be. Use synthetic materials, which are made from nylon or polyester, when applying latex or water based paints.

Source: The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute
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