Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Being Prepared For Severe Weather

Severe Weather Season Begins

Red Cross Urges Preparedness During Missouri Severe Weather Awareness Week

Knowing what to do and where to go during severe weather can be the difference between life and death. In 2008 severe weather killed 28 and injured 271 people according to the Missouri Severe Weather Service.

Provide A Home Tornado Plan
Pick a place where the family can gather if a tornado is headed your way. It can be a basement, a center hallway, a closet on the lowest floor or the bathroom. Keep this area uncluttered. If you’re in a high rise you may not have enough time to get to the lowest level so pick a place in a hallway in the center of the building. If outside, lie flat in a low lying area, and cover your head.

Assemble A Disaster Supplies Kit
Include a first aid kit and any essential medications along with items for infants, the elderly or disabled. You also need canned food, a can opener and at least 3 gallons of water per person. Include protective clothing, bedding or sleeping bags, a battery or crank powered radio, flashlight with extra batteries and written instructions on how to turn off electricity, gas and water if authorities advise you to do so. (You’ll need a professional to turn natural gas service on)

When A Thunderstorm Approaches
Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television for the latest information. Find shelter in a building or an automobile. Keep windows closed and void convertibles. Telephone lines and metal pipes can conduct electricity. Avoid using the telephone and electrical appliances. Avoid taking a bath or shower. Turn off the Air Conditioner. Power surges from electricity can overload the compressor. Close blinds and shades, they will prevent shattered glass from flying around your home.

Protecting Yourself Outside During A Thunderstorm
Go to a low lying area away from trees, poles or metal objects. Make sure the place you choose is not subject to flooding. Make yourself a small target. Squat with your head between your knees. Do not lay flat on the ground this makes you a larger target.

Provided by The American Red Cross
Contact The H Team for a free list of items for your disaster supplies kit.

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