Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Staging Your Bathroom to Sell

Real estate agents will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in your home, that determine a sellers decision to make an offer on your home. Staging your bathroom is essential to appeal to the prospective buyer. By doing a good job staging your bathroom, will result in buyers remembering your home over other homes they’ve viewed.

Fixtures & Details
Be sure all fixtures are in good condition with no leaks or drips. If your plumbing fixtures are outdated, replacing them with sleek modern fixtures. Replacing the fixtures is an inexpensive and easy to do fix. Brass fixtures are outdated, choose pewter or stainless steel. How bout your lighting fixtures? Replace them too if they’re outdated.

Color & D├ęcor
Color coordinate some fluffy towels with your bathroom color scheme and place them on the towel racks just before buyers arrive. Add a matching bathmat, a floral arrangement and some floating candles in a pretty bowl. Open any blinds to allow natural light in. Painting your walls with some color will help improve the appearance also.

Scrub & Replace
Shower doors should gleam. Remove all lime and soap scum deposits, scrubing it with a scouring pad and a mixture of ten parts water and one part muriatic acid. If it still looks dull and lifeless, replace it with a new one. This method also works well for cleaning tile. Thoroughly clean tile grout or replace it. Also make your mirror shine or update it with a round or oval shaped one.

Clean & Deodorize
Always clean your bathroom thoroughly before your home is shown. The room needs to sparkle from top to bottom. It should have sufficient lighting but not be overly bright. Keep counters and shelves clear of clutter. Put away all blow dryers, curling irons, combs and brushes. Remember to empty, clean and deodorize wastebaskets. Also, clean the exhaust fan. Leave no sign of dust or dirt. A spotty or messy bathroom will turn prospective buyers off.

Making your bathroom a “WOW” experience for the prospective buyer may result in receiving an offer to purchase your house.

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