Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Selling or Not Selling in the Fall

As Fall begins most Home sellers begin thinking, “I need to take my home off the market”, or “Fall is not the time to place my home on the market”
As a full time Realtor, I can tell you that is the wrong thinking.
People buy houses when they need a house, which can be any season of the year. While it’s true, Spring, historically is the best time to market your house, due in fact that families with school age children who want to get situated into a new home prior to the start of the new school season, I think fall brings out the serious lookers who have to move right away. Due to job changes, relocation, downsizing, or upsizing.
A big plus as to why you should keep your home on the market during fall is less competition and agents have less listings so yours gets more attention and possibly more marketing dollars.
Waiting till Spring or taking your home off the market in the fall may result in you receiving a lower price for your home when you relist in the spring. Most economists tell us we have not hit the bottom on home values yet and by pulling it off and waiting may result in a lower listing price later.
The first thing sellers have to do is look how their home is priced. Is it the highest priced home in the area or the lowest priced? You want your home to be the “best buy”, which will increase traffic and will normally result in multiple offers or offers at full list without concessions on your part.
Drive around the area on Sunday afternoons, to tour competing properties. Look at the pluses and minuses compared to your home. Do they offer nice wood floors while yours offers 6 year old worn out carpet? Is their kitchen dated while yours is updated with stainless steel appliances? You have to be very objective and critical. If the properties are close in comparison , give the advantage to the comparable property.
Increase your home’s curb appeal. You can purchase potted Mums at most garden centers place a few on the porch and maybe even plant a few in your garden beds and allow the colors to pop out at approaching buyers. Install fall decorations on the front door and throughout the home, a nice burning spice candle or potpourri increases the buyers senses.
Get rid of personal items, like photos on the fridge. Remove clutter, nick-knacks. Do some updates, splash some color on the walls, remove old outdated wall paper, update the carpet or re-seal the wood floors. Clean and deodorize your house. If your house is a higher priced property people like to see granite counter tops, ceramic tile, stainless steel appliances and other high end updates.
Try hiring a staging expert who can get rid of your clutter and open the space up. Some Realtors like The H Team provide basic staging advice and it’s offered as part of our marketing plan. Staging can increase the offer’s on your house.
So, regardless of what you’ve heard, placing your property on the market in the fall or keeping your house on the market in the fall can result in you receiving an offer.
The Real Estate market is always changing in the St. Louis area but by working with Realtors who are experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and educated you’ll increase your chances of success. Contact The H Team today for a free non-obligation evaluation that includes a comparitive market analysis, a free staging report, and a free home sellers how-to guide.

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