Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to set your Homes Selling Price

Setting the selling (asking) price of your home involves evaluating a number of various conditions in your market area.

When you're ready to sell your home you'll want to contact a full time Realtor to help you determine the list price of your home. He will create a Comparative Market Analysis that will take into consideration, comparable sales, days on market, square footage, updates, special features, lot size, and market conditions.

After all these factors are calculated your Realtor should be able to provide you with a price range to list your house. If he has done the CMA correctly you should estimate receieving about 95% of the list price in todays real estate market.

Beware of the agent who comes to your home unprepared or who gives you a list price way above what the other comparative homes in your area have been selling for.

Once the list price has been determined you'll want to figure you're net proceeds, you will need to deduct the following items to determine that;
Your current loan payoff

Realtor commission

Prepayment penalties if any

Unpaid property taxes ( You normally pay from the first of the year til escrow date)

Unpaid sewer bills

Closing costs

Inspections and any seller repairs required (normally a negotiated agreement)

As your Realtor of choiceThe H Team will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis and provide all the information you need to determine your homes selling price.

For your FREE CMA contact the H Team today.

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