Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Buyers Jump In Now Don't Miss Out

Everything is finally coming together for Home Buyers.
Prices are down, Interest Rates are down and the Government Incentives are Up!
What a great time to be a Home Buyer. Now is the time to jump into the market with both feet. This fall will be the time. Most real estate forecasters tell us that the market is finally stabilizing and that house prices are pretty close to the lowest they're going to go. That’s the message that should motivate all potential buyers to get serious about finding that new home.

With interest rates down, which may go lower as the government shores up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

With the current levels of Homes on the market at a 12 year high of about 10.5 months of Inventory, sellers are negotiating to get their properties sold.

And first time home buyers (those that haven't owned a home in two years or more) who have been sitting on the fence can get a $7,500 tax credit next April 15 which should be a big enough incentive for them to get going. And even buyers who won’t owe that much in federal income tax will get the money as a refund.

When you take these factors into considering when to jump in, Now is the time. Contact The H Team and create your own password protected MLS search and receive new listings that meet your criteria via e-mail as soon as they become available.

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