Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sales of Home Elevators up, up, up!

Home elevators are fast becoming the newest in status symbols. In a recent National association of Home Builders, 7 percent of homeowners rated elevators as an "essential" or "must have" feature. The reason home elevators are becoming indispensable has to do with the direction of today's home building. While residential square footages have increased 21% over the past 15 years, lot sizes have dropped 10%. Sending construction vertical.
Baby boomers anticipating old age has contributed to the increased sale of home elevators. But 68 percent of those who rated elevators as essential were under 55. This age group admitted that the status of owning an elevator was important to them and they planned to add accoutrements such as plasma screened televisions and custom sound systems to their elevators.
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