Friday, January 12, 2007

The Hallmarks of a Well-Built Home

There are houses and there are houses. Just like anything that is produced in our world from cars to clothing, there is a high quality manufacturing and there is poor to medium workmanship.
In her book "The Fearless Home Buyer" Elizabeth Razzi gives those telltale signs of a well built home.
Windows are an easily-spotted signal of quality. They're one of the most expensive components of a home. You can determine the brand used by looking for the name un the corner of the glass. Look for neatly mitered and whether the window is double panned which offers good insulation in both summer and winter. Look at the windowsill and the wall below to see if there are any water stains or softness in the wall-a sign that there could be a codensation or leakage problem with the windows.
Bathrooms are another area where the quality of the workmanship is important. Pay special attention to the floors and walls around (and downstairs from) a shower stall Look for signs of recent painting, a spongy feel or mold. Water that leaks from a tub or shower over time can rot sub flooring, a common problem in homes built with inferior materials and workmanship.
When you expect the exterior of the home, note the kind of siding that is used. Wood siding is beautiful but requires routine re-painting. Vinyl or aluminum siding is economical and long-lasting, but check it for dings, tears and fading.
As always, if you are uncomfortable about the quality of a home you are interested in purchasing, it's a good idea to hire a professional inspector to confirm or allay your fears.
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