Sunday, January 28, 2018



One may ask, how is this possible? The government shutdown occurs when the Congress or the President fails to pass bills and appropriations for funding government operations and agencies. This is what has happened in the United States in the last two days. It's over now, and the government workers are supposed to return to work as usual and continue to deliver to the citizens. Many businesses would have been affected if the shutdown had continued for a longer period. Real estate business is one of the sectors which would have been largely affected.

Mortgage Approval
One of the effects of the shutdown is that mortgage approval will be delayed until the government resumes normal operations. This, in turn, will mean those in mortgage business and other home buyers who apply for housing securities in government agencies (of which most are) will have to hold their horses till then. The business will go down, and so will the sales.
The government shutdown will result in the delay of closings while most transactions will be terminated as a result of this. In other cases, home sellers will lose bids because their clients are no longer sure of the fate of their business.

The shutdown will also lead to losses because home buyers will reduce their offers due to the uncertainty. FHA or VA mortgage applicants may also face delays if and when departmental workers will be sent home, and there is no one to process their loan requests. Also, the delay could occur when a lender needs to verify a Social Security number and there is no one to answer the phone on the other end. The borrower may be delayed due to such.
The Internal Revenue Service will have a few workers in the office. The workers will help to ensure that records are well maintained and updated as required and that systems are working as usual to record payment of taxes. Verifying information and processing mortgage requests is not essential, so the workers will have to go home. This means no mortgages will go through, thus affecting home buyers as well as home sellers.

Application for a mortgage requires clearance from the Internal Revenue Service which documents and passes the information to the lender about the borrower's financial capabilities. This service will come to a halt because government offices won't be operational.
Businesses in St. Louis, Missouri will also be largely affected. People who visit St. Louis for family outings and historical tours will not be able to do so because most housing businesses will be shut down, and government agencies for clearance and giving access will be closed.
The Visitor Center at the Arch and the Old Courthouse could remain closed because they are government-sponsored agencies.

This means that buying a home at St. Louis will be hard and may take a long time hence causing inconvenience to most of the clients. When many government agencies stop their operations it is not one sector that is affected since they are interconnected in a way. Actually when a few are shutdown many more or all government agencies will be closed.

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