Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Being Prepared For A St Louis Mo Weather Emergency



St. Louis, MO., has had some huge snow storms in the past. Currently St. Louis, Mo has an average of twelve inches on the ground with some areas reporting up to eighteen inches. Even if your area only gets minimal amounts of snow you should always be prepared. Here are a few suggestions that will increase your preparedness.
Don't wait til the snow is hitting the ground, get to the grocery store and get plenty of food. Make sure you have the basics, Milk, Bread, Eggs, Coffee, Water, and any other food you may need for an extended snow holiday.
You'll need to get your snow shovel out, check to make sure the handle isn't cracked or that the shovel part is not missing any bolts. If there are any concerns pick up a new one Find Snow Shovels Here. Rock Salt or Ice Melt should be another item if you don't have any on hand it can be picked up at most Grocery Stores, Home Improvement Centers or even Gas Stations. If you have concrete walks, steps or driveways, use only Ice Melt.
Staying warm on cold snowy days is important. Hypothermia an Frostbite can only take minutes if your area is experiencing record cold temperatures like we are currently in St. Louis, MO. ABC News says unprotected skin can experience frostbite or hypothermia in minutes. You can read the ABC News Article Here You will need to wear a hat, gloves and boots at least. If you plan on being in the weather an extended amount of time invest in an insulated snow suit, snow boots and maybe even some long underwear. Layer your clothes to increase your level of insulation.
Stayed tuned to a local TV or Radio station to keep updated on conditions. It is also suggested you have a crank style NOAA Radio in case of a power outage. The American Red Cross offers a hand crank radio that will provide AM/FM?NOAA and allows you to charge your cell phone with a USB cord
Being prepared in a weather emergency will insure you and your family peace of mind
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