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10 Items To Check Before Buying A Home

10 Items to Check Before Buying A House Buying a house is a big investment. Deciding to purchase a house is not a decision that anybody takes lightly because of the costs involved. You want the perfect house, a house that will be your home for years to come. If you are looking for your perfect house in St. Louis, we will be happy to help you out, please visit the Helderle team today It is easy for homeowners to fall in love with the house before they even tour the inside. When you find a house that has the perfect yard, the right number of rooms in a layout that you love and a great location, it is easy to forget that what is below the surface is just as important as the curb appeal and the interior of the house. Buying a house on looks alone can be a very costly mistake, adding a huge cost on top of an already large sum of money that the homeowner has committed to. Yet, many homeowners have purchases houses based on the looks along and then need to spend thousands of dollars in repairs shortly after buying the house. You do not want your dream house to turn into a money pit so you always need to check out several important features prior to buying a house. It is a common misconception that you only need to carefully inspect older houses. Do not be lulled into that line of thinking! Newer houses are just as prone to having problems as older ones. It is important to check the items on this list for both new and older houses. By taking a look at several key areas in the house that are prone to becoming a problem areas, you can help to determine if this is the house that you want and if you should go ahead and pay for the cost of a house inspection or if you should keep looking at houses. If you are having trouble finding a house that is right for your family, contact the Helderle team at, they know St. Louis and the surrounding area and can help you find a house that suits your needs at the best possible price.
10 Essential Items To Check Before Buying A Home
Avoid the necessity of paying for costly home repairs shortly after moving into your new house. These ten items are very easy to check when you are looking at a potential home for your family. Taking the time to do these will save you money in the long run. If the current homeowners are reluctant to let you check any of the following, that is a huge red flag.
· Test the tap water – Not all water is created equal, especially if it comes out of pipes that are old and corroded. A quick sip of water can tell you if you might need to redo the plumbing. By filling a clean, clear glass with water, direct from the tap you can see if the water is clear, and you can taste it to see how it tastes. Sometimes off tasting water is due to the city water supply, but it can be from old pipes. At any rate, if the water tastes or looks off, you know to take a close look at the plumbing.
· Check the drains – Sewer line backups are common problems, especially in areas where there are lots of trees or with older pipes and water lines. This is fairly easy to check for; fill up the tub and a few of the sinks and then let them drain at the same time. If the water line is bad, you will be able to easily tell.
· Check the faucets – Try all of the faucets in the house to make sure that they are all working and no leaks. Check to see that the stoppers work as well.
· Check the windows – This is often overlooked and replacing windows in a house can be costly. Check to see that the windows actually open without problems and that they are without cracks or other issues.
· Check the Fireplace – Ask to start a quick fire in the fireplace to see if the fireplace drafts correctly. Ask the family when the last time the chimney was cleaned; it is usually just the matter of giving it a good cleaning to get it back in good working order.
· Check the AC/heat – Turn on the AC and the heat to make sure that they work. It will save you time and money to make sure that they are working before you move in. Let them run for a bit to make sure that they work well, not just turn them on and turn them right back off.
· Check the toilets – Put a little bit of toilet paper in each of the toilets and flush them to ensure that they work well. Sticky handles are a fairly easy fix but toilets that back up with a little toilet paper are a bigger issue.
· Check the electrical panel – If the electrical panel is nicely labeled, that is a good sign. Look for a wire that look loose or frayed, that is a serious concern.
· Check the basement – Is the basement damp? Mold is a big concern to take a close look at the basement to make sure that there are no issues with dampness and moisture.
· Check under the carpet – Because they want the carpets to look nice for potential buyers, some owners may not let you do this, but it does not hurt to ask to see if you can pull up a corner of carpet in a closet to check the quality of the floor underneath the carpet.
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