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Clayton-Tamm Neighborhood of St. Louis: The “Dogtown” of the City

Clayton-Tamm Neighborhood of St. Louis: The “Dogtown” of the City
Known to locals as “Dogtown”, the Clayton-Tamm neighborhood of St. Louis is famous for its large population of Irish-Americans, and together with the smaller communities of Franz Park and Ellendale make up the famed Dogtown section of St. Louis. The annual Ancient Order of Hibernians St. Patrick’s Day Parade happens here it this famous neighborhood, which was first started in 1984 to showcase the variety of charities, donations, and offerings of the Irish people in the community. Located just on the western border of St. Louis, the neighborhood takes its name from the bisecting streets of Clayton Avenue and Tamm Avenue.
Historically, this Irish-American community started out as a parcel of land owned by the Spanish settlers of the area, and was later bought by Charles Gratiot in 1785 for growing things like tobacco, corn, and wheat. After his death the land was divided and given as inheritance. The major growth in the community really began in the late 19th century when coal and clay mining developed. Further growth was seen in 1904 when preparations began for the great World’s Fair. Attractions in “Dogtown” run the gamut from popular restaurants, bars and nightlife, a theater, art shops, and bakeries. There are also numerous attractions located nearby Dogtown, including Forest Park, which is just a short walk away, and the renowned St. Louis Zoo, and the Art Museum. There are also the Dogtown community garden, and various other restaurants, bars, and taverns to fit most any tourist who comes to the Dogtown area
Popular local attractions in the Clayton-Tamm neighborhood include: Horseshoe House (which has the famed “horseshoes” so beloved by residents of St. Louis), Amsterdam Tavern, Seamus McDaniels, Felix’s, Latitude (a Tex-Mex place), and Nora’s (a soup and sandwich shop). For families visiting the zoo, try having their famous fried chicken at Pat’s Bar & Grill, located at the corner of Tamm Ave and Oakland Ave. The Hi Pointe Movie Theater is a great place to catch the newest flick, take a look at some great pieces at The Dogtown Gallery and Frame Shop, or rejuvenate at Urban Breath Yoga studio. All of these great places are located right within Dogtown and can all be walked to within minutes.
Start off the day by having breakfast at Cadiera’s, then check out the gorgeous Dogtown community garden, which is south down near Manchester. Stop by the Dogtown Gallery and Frame Shop later, then have lunch at Seamus McDaniels or Felix’s, then take in the zoo or art museum. Demographically, the residents of Dogtown are primarily Caucasian (89%), with a smaller percentage of African American (6%), Asian (2%), and Hispanic (2%). The median home value in Dogtown is around $175k, and an average household income of approximately $41k. The safety here in Dogtown is low, especially in comparison to other neighborhoods, so the affording housing, low crime rate, great restaurants and bars, plus the close proximity to some awesome attractions like the zoo and art museum, make this neighborhood a popular destination for young families, young professionals, and even retirees.
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