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The Hill In St. Louis, MO

The Hill: One of St. Louis’s Best Neighborhoods to Live and Play

Named for the highest point in the city of St. Louis (formerly known as St. Louis Hill), The Hill neighborhood is a mainly Italian-American area that lies to the north of Manchester Avenue, south of Southwest and Columbia Avenues, and to the east of South Kingshighway Boulevard. Known for its number of locally famous Italian restaurants and strong Roman Catholic influence, The Hill also features the St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church which is a landmark in the neighborhood and a big part of the Italian-American population’s daily life.

Historically, The Hill has seen two of the biggest icons in baseball grow up on its streets: Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola, Sr. both lived their childhoods on The Hill, and their houses were right across the street from each other, on Elizabeth Avenue. Also, four of the five soccer players from the US team in the 1950 FIFA World Cup (beat England) grew up on The Hill.

The Hill’s affluent residents are mainly Caucasians (93%), with a smaller percentage of African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics. An average household income of its residents was $55k as of 2012, with a median home value of around $300k. Safety in this community is not really a factor for tourists and potential residents, as the neighborhood is one of the safest in St. Louis, especially when compared to other communities surrounding it. There are so many attractions on The Hill for residents and tourists to take advantage of, including many Italian-American restaurants, bakeries, and small grocery stores. A few of the most popular include Amighetti’s Bakery, Cunetto’s House of Pasta, Fazio’s Bakery, Di Gregorio’s grocery store, and even a tavern/bocce garden on the corner near St. Ambrose Catholic Church.

Restaurants and shops aren’t the only draw for tourists to The Hill; there are also events here that bring travelers to this historic neighborhood, such as the (Second) Annual Hill Wine Walk, a soap box derby and car show, two bocce gardens that is very popular with the Italian-American residents of The Hill, the Annual Italian Film Festival of St. Louis, the Annual “Edges for Pledges” event hosted by Bertarelli Cutlery, and even bocce tournaments throughout the year held in the gardens near St. Ambrose.

The Hill is regarded as one of the best communities in St. Louis for living, playing, and also wonderful for tourists. From the trendy Italian-American restaurants, local bakeries, the bocce gardens, and its rich history, The Hill is a destination in St. Louis not to be missed.

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