Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Getting Your Home Ready For The Winter


Disconnect all hose bibs.

Turn off all exterior freeze faucets

Caulk around all Windows

Cover Air Conditioning Unit


With the furnace off.. Take your vacuum cleaner and clean out around the coils/ heat exchanger. Next change the filter.

Insulate your H2O heater and install pipe wraps on the line coming out of the heater. Make sure your H2O heater is on medium to conserve energy.

All basement windows should be caulked. Install insulation along all exterior door frames.

If you use a fabric softner sheet make sure you remove the dryer vent screen and wash it with water. This will help extend the life of your dryer.

Check dryer vent hoses to insure they are free of debris.

Main Living Area

Caulk around every window,, top, bottom and sides.

Install door frame insulation to all exterior doors.

Install door sweeps on the bottom of all exterior doors.

Install outlet and light switch insulators on any outlets or switches on exterior facing walls.

Install a programmable thermostat.

Vacuum all heat registers.

Hire a chimney sweep to clean chimney

By becoming pro-active now you will save energy and have a warmer home. For a list of qualified contractors contact The H Team today.

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