Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fox C-6 Dumps Soda Machines

FOX C-6: Zero Coke and Pepsi as soda machines removed

By Trish Wallace of The Jefferson County Journal
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In an effort to promote healthy choices at its campuses, the Fox C-6 School District will remove soda machines from all of the schools in the district.

The administration at each school had the freedom to use the money brought in by the machines as desired in relation to students and the school.

At Seckman Middle School, for example, the money was used to sponsor student rewards, especially for reading projects."Obviously we'll miss the money from these machines, but that pales in comparison to make sure kids are eating healthy," said David Black, principal at Seckman Middle School.

However, Fox Superintendent Dianne Brown said the soda machines will be replaced with new beverage choices. At the elementary schools, carbonated soft drinks will be replaced with Dasani water. At the middle schools, Dasani water and a variety of 10-ounce Minute Maid juices will replace the sodas and sports drinks.

For Fox and Seckman high achools, students will now have the option of only diet carbonated soft drinks, Powerade Zero, Vitamin Water, Dasani water and juices.

"The primary goal of the Fox C-6 School District's wellness program is to promote student health, reduce overweight and obesity, facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits and increase student achievement," Brown said.

The soda machines were generally turned off during school hours, only accessible when classes ended.

Brown anticipates that the same number of machines will be available as before at the schools, and she said that with the exception of the Vitamin Water machines for the high schools, the changeover is nearly complete.

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