Thursday, December 28, 2006

When Mom & Dad Move In

The number of senior citizens that will rely on family members for their care is expected to rise from 25 million in 200 to 71 million in 2030. If your parents will be spending their twilight years at your home, there are some improvements that can be made that will make life easier for them, and for you.
* Remodel a bath;
Instead of a tub, opt for a wheel-in or walk-in shower with a height adjustable shower head and chrome grab bars. Add a taller toilet, a new vanity and safe flooring. The cost will be about $25,000 but 90 percent of the cost will return to you when you sell the house.
*Add a deck;
incorporate a wheel chair ramp with it and it can work as a design element. A typical deck costs about $12,000 to build but you'll get back 90 percent of your investment at sale time.
*Build an addition;
A first-floor bedroom that costs $73,000 will recoup 80 percent of its cost. Doorways must be 36 inches or wider to be wheelchair accessible


Rickie Sue Farris said...

Nice article Frank We are a older America today. Jim got his SRES designation and I am thinking about doing the class myself. Rickie Farris Oh By the ay I love the new puppy photos.

Rickie Sue Farris said...

I enjoyed your new blog
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